Lost Paws

Lost Paws

Helping People Find Lost Pets

An incredible resource to help people find their lost pets. We make posting and searching for lost pets easy with our simple and user friendly platform.

Lost Paws is an an incredible resource in that anyone at any hour of the day can enter their zip code (of where ever the pet was last seen) and begin their search. They either post or search for a photo and contact information to reconnect with their lost family member in mere hours instead of days. Whether if it’s at 3:00 PM on a Spring day or 3:00 AM during a full-on Winter blizzard, we can put an immediate end to the potential week(s) of sleepless nights.

No longer the need to wait for a compassionate ‘stranger’ to schedule a veterinarian to finally arrange an appointment to scan for a chip or the chance that the right person will finally see one of the hundreds of flyers posted. May I ask, “When was the last time you read a flyer regarding a lost pet? How old was it?” So for the first time ever, we have an immediate communication venue to help all concerned parties to reconnect literally 24/7/366. Please help me get the word out!

The money you give today will go towards:

  • Customer Support for Users
  • Platform Improvements
  • Hosting and Bandwidth
  • Design Expenses

Please help HFT Fire & Rescue Tech. & Equip., LLC, through Everyone Gets Home.org, support Lost Paws with your generous donation.