Our Purpose

Purpose and Primary Mission of 501(c)3 non-profit: EveryoneGetsHome.org

Please make all donations via PayPal.com: https://ToMakeADifferenceForOthers.org

…upon the Primary Mission to ensure https://EveryoneGetsHome.org. To assist the loved ones of our Fallen First Responders in which their absence resulting from their ultimate sacrifice to serve others is never experienced as a financial detriment. And especially important, the fiancé of a Fallen, who lives with the same shattered heart, mind, and soul yet only worse because they receive ZERO Death Benefits upon a simple date not yet expired, shall receive the same financial assistance as though it had. All upon this opportunity to evenly divide, or at the donor’s discretion, to support any one (1) or more of the seven (7) organizations previously established to serve our heroes and their loved ones upon their ultimate sacrifice as well.

Please don’t hesitate to donate to any or all nine (9) worthy non-profit organizations:

  1. FallenFiance.org, to support the fiancés of our fallen. To provide ALL benefits otherwise offered, had a calendar date passed to secure a marriage license that would have made these victims of incredible loss also eligible. May God Bless.
  • Tunnels2Towers Foundation – To honor and contribute to our military and first responders who make the supreme sacrifice of life and limb for our country.
  • Next, I request all support for the mission of Mr. Paul Samakow, Esq., Founder of https://NationalBurnPreventionDay.org, every year on May 19th. A nationally recognized TOP personal injury attorney and five-time author who represents ‘Burn Survivors’ to help eliminate the risk of being http://TwiceBurned.com. His site is acatch-all to donate to non-profit programs that support firefighters and youth ‘burn camps’ to provide critical emotional support for countless maimed children as well.
  • https://PatriotPaws.org Incarcerated women serving life sentences extend their deep love to train puppies to serve as companion pets for our surviving veterans.
  • https://LostPaws.info – My non-profit to allow any pet owner to publish and reconnect with any lost and found family member 24/7/365! Registered by every international Zip Code, parties can connect within hours and not in days after distributing hundreds of flyers to endure the excruciating wait praying a party schedule a vet appointment to scan for a chip. All money donated helps pay outstanding veterinarian expenses primarily intended for low-income families.
  • Sivad Johnson, Sgt., Detroit Fire Department A firefighter who lost his life while saving three (3) drowning victims, yet was tragically swept away in the same river. Even worse, his 10-year old daughter was the first to call 911. A true example of how firefighters are NEVER off-duty yet always risk the ultimate sacrifice for others.

In that, 50% of ALL total gross sales of the Android and iOS (Apple) versions of both the http://WildlandHydraulicsApp.com and https://WaterTenderApp.com will be donated evenly above. That 100% of all funds collected to teach http://PNWcprFirstAid.com and 50% of gross profits from http://HydraulicsSlideRule.com and https://FireBusterPro.com to https://OutThinkWildfire.net shall be contributed in the same manner. As will all sales of http://RescueWinch.com and http://HoseCabinet.com (when we go into production) upon the technology at https://HoseRoller.net. Funding will also support the instruction of https://HENway.org and https://HoseRoller.info to increase firefighter SAFETY significantly.

Your generous tax deduction to help the loved ones of those most affected by life’s most dangerous challenges to ensure https://EveryoneGetsHome.org is graciously appreciated upon the promise all funds will be distributed as requested in our commitment:


Thank you is never enough for your financial support to those who support those who serve humanity in such an honorable manner. And not ever to exclude our furry friends who we are so blessed to reciprocate such incredible LOVE at https://LostPaws.info!

Rich “Hoffy” Hoffmann, Sr.  CEO/Founder/Fire Captain (med. ret.)
3234 Sandalwood Ln. NW
Salem, OR  97304
(800) 656-1624